Introducing the Solopreneur Tax & Accounting Package

Imagine up to date books that you can use to run your business better, a trusted advisor you can call without fear of surprise bills, and a comprehensive tax plan… all for a fixed monthly fee. This is the vision behind the Gillingham CPA Solopreneur Tax & Accounting Package which includes accounting, planning, and your year-end tax return! For $200 a month, get:

  • Bookkeeping: online, up to date financial statements, reconciliations, & training as needed
  • Tax planning: retirement plan discussion, estimates, & strategy
  • Tax return: one business entity or individual tax return included in the package
  • Access: email to setup an appointment any time for questions, training, & planning
  • Flexibility: month to month billing, cancel anytime

My first year of business I did not have current financial statements… Mistake! Now for an affordable monthly fee, get financial information that you can act on. Get to the advisory point of the pyramid and give your business a proper start or re-start. Please contact John at GillinghamCPA dot com for a complimentary consultation.

The not so fine print. The Solopreneur Tax & Accounting Package is designed to create mutual value. If there are major business and transaction changes, monthly billing will be reevaluated. One month additional charge for new client setups. Monthly software charges are not included. Highly complex and married filing joint tax returns may incur additional fees, should the total tax preparation exceed four hours, in which case the minimum firm rate will be passed on $90 an hour for 2016. Significant corrective accounting for transactions prior to the start date of the package can be evaluated on an as needed basis. Must be paid through January of the calendar year in order to receive the included tax return. Simplicity is the essence of this plan, but every business is unique. At the discretion of Gillingham CPA, monthly fees for the service may be higher than $200, but hopefully not ; )


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