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Gillingham CPA is a San Francisco CPA firm specializing in small business tax: LLC, corporate, and sole proprietors. A sampling of small business serviced: green food producer, mobile tech startup, web-based startup, Kickstarter and Indiegogo funded campaigns, coaches, business consultants, and more. Accounting is performed for some clients, but I recommend a few training sessions for solo operators. Most are in California and some incorporated in Delaware.

Clients that are employees are generally well-compensated and work in “tech.” Most have investments and stock options (RSU, ISO, ESPP, NQS, ETC!) that are somewhat to extremely complicated. I am excited to grow with my clients in their business and personal endeavors such as home purchases.

I value each and every client relationship and therefore cannot have too many. Please contact me and I am happy to chat to see if we are a good fit. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact me via email:           John          At          GillinghamCPA          dot          com

John Gillingham, CPA

Rates and Billing Guide

Billing is based upon hourly rates of $90 / $180 per hour for accounting / tax work. Staff rates are generally less. When practical, I will perform work for fixed rate packages outlined below. It is critical that we are in contact during the year and keep an open dialogue to maximize the benefit of Gillingham CPA services.

We look forward to achieving our governing philosophy for you: Value Added
(Please see the Hierarchy of Client Needs)

All packages include basic: Federal and one state tax preparation / e-filing, deduction maximization, mini-projection and plan, basic retirement account tax optimization, minor questions during the year, basic tax credits, next year tax estimates based on safe harbor federal guidelines.

Fixed Rate Tax Examples

-Sole proprietor / Very basic sole member LLC, no accounting needs
-Married couple tax return, 2 wage earners, home owner
-Equity compensated employee, basic annual election
-High wage earner
-Little to no activity LLC / C-Corp
-“Mini” tax planning consideration and discussions

-Same as above with more advanced planning in the area of stock options, rental property, asset sales, trust interaction, higher income
-S-Corporations / C-Corporations/ LLCs with 1-3 employees (note business entities can be much more)
-Additional state

-Advanced planning and high income issues
-Sole prop with accounting assistance, setup, training
-Foreign and other potential complexity

-Significant complication / compliance
-High potential planning benefits
-High income / net assets

Monthly Tax & Accounting Rate Examples

$500+ per month business accounting
-Adjusting entries, reconciliations, inventory related

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor - QuickBooks Online Certification QuickBooks Certified “Gold” Advisor, also proficient with Xero.