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Thank you for the kind words and referrals. I look forward to many more productive years. If the opportunity arises, please find me on Yelp.

IMG_6193Consultant, Quickbooks User

“I have been supporting small businesses for nearly 10 years — and I often help them with tracking their finances and avoiding the ever-feared audit. As a result, I have interacted with many a CPA. John is at the top of my life of who I recommend, as he has also done an excellent job with my taxes. He’s professional, career-driven, incredibly organized, values-focused and has an excellent sense of humor.”

-Small business owner

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Complex individual tax return due to K-1s

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TechShop member, S-Corp shareholder, employee, and app developer


TechShop member, consultant, employee, with solved IRS issues

I went to a presentation co-hosted by John.  He has extensive knowledge and is able to present it in a grounded and easily understandable way. He makes the complex world of financial planning and finances in general seem manageable.

He offered helpful suggestions and advice to me personally after the meeting that were helpful and easy to implement. I can definitely recommend him if you are looking for someone to help you organize this area of your life!

-Small Business Owner

John has helped me with a variety of complex tax issues including S-Corp equity compensation, as well as the more mundane self-employment income. He has also used retirement account tax recommendations to my benefit. In the past it’s been all too easy to for me to try and do this all on my own, but I was missing the point – it’s about saving time, yes, but really I was simply not specialized or knowledgeable enough to really make it all function well. 100% pays for itself in the end.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with John to complete my returns for two years now. It really has been a great experience every time and I sincerely appreciate the work he’s done to make sure it’s all done right. Worth every penny.

-S-Corp Equity Holder

John was wonderful to work with!  I found him through a mutual connection, and will be using him moving forward for all my tax needs.  He was quick to respond to all my emails and questions, super knowledgable about everything I needed help with, and even followed up to make sure I was all sorted after we had finished working together.  I’ve met with other CPAs that I just didn’t trust, but John completely won my trust early on and I felt very confident working with him.  Would highly recommend John to anyone!

-Boss Lady

John helped me get everything filed for my consulting business that was two years late.  John provided thoughtful guidance and never passed judgement for my failure to file in the past.  John has also given me invaluable advice on various accounting principles that has made me smarter and more profitable.

-Consultant and Android Expert

I am very happy with John’s work!

-Designer, Creator

John made tax preparation and filing a breeze. He explained everything clearly (he’s even made an accounting app to help you learn the basics); and worked with me to identify the most tax efficient way to handle everything. He is very efficient and thorough, I’ll be happy to work with him again.

-Tangible Products Specialist

John has been very helpful for tax preparation and other accounting needs. I rely on him to keep my consulting business going! Staying organized and on time each tax season is difficult, but John makes it easy and helps you throughout the process.

-Equity Compensated Employee

John helped me successfully deal with some very confusing tax issues. Whenever I had questions he responded promptly, and made the whole process clear and simple. Highly recommended!

-Recipient of a confusing K-1

“John is very attentive to detail and very helpful in explaining every step of the way. He’s a pleasure to work with!”

-Corporate Business Owner

John is my go to guy now for all things taxes and accounting related. I couldn’t recommend him enough!

I came to John with hacked together books and little knowledge of accounting. He guided me through starting an S-Corp, getting my books in order, and even starting an IRA. Now I feel much more confident about my business and personal accounting system and I’m not longer worried about taxes. I know John’s got my back.

What’s more, he’s also set me up to save a considerable amount of money over the next few years.

On a personal level, John is easy going, kind, and fun to be around.

If you’re looking for someone to help you get your accounting in order, stop right now and hire John. Seriously. He’s your guy. That is, if he even has any space for new clients…

-Digital Nomadic Man of Mystery and Master of all Domains
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  1. I recently found your Accounting Play podcast and have almost finished listening to all of them. Thank you for your hard work in creating them. They are very helpful. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to hearing more.

    New Accounting Student,

  2. Good morning John,

    This is an email to express my appreciation and gratitude because your excellent work has saved me a lot of time!

    As you can see below, I am a professor of accounting. In order to supplement the class lectures and help prepare students for exams, tests, and quizzes, I have searched for podcasts, online lectures, flashcards, apps, etc. Why search for these online? I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, and often there are valuable free resources online (e.g., Khan Academy). In each one of the aforementioned categories I have found your resources, and I recommend them to my students.

    (Initially I intended to record – audio or video – my lectures, but I found that there are many. Oddly enough, I also entertained the idea of creating an accounting app for students. However, I really don’t have the time to take up these tasks.)

    In the course of my online searches I discovered that you conducted a webinar.
    Please let me know how I can access the webinar… year after it actually took place!

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