John Gillingham is a San Francisco CPA who focuses on small businesses and highly compensated employees, primarily in the tech space. John prides himself in providing services that go beyond just a tax return (see Gillingham’s Hierarchy of Client Needs). Please find me on Yelp and Linkedin if you would like.

CPA Services

Gillingham CPA is a San Francisco CPA firm specializing in small business tax: LLC, corporate, and sole proprietors. A sampling of small business serviced: green food producer, mobile tech startup, web-based startup, Kickstarter and Indiegogo funded campaigns, coaches, business consultants, and more. Accounting is performed for some clients, but I recommend a few training sessions for solo operators. Most are in California and some incorporated in Delaware.

We believe true business advisor always protects a clients vital interest. Helping in every way we can so you succeed is our honored obligation

Accounting Services

Your work on running your business, we’ll handle the reports. Our customized accounting services allows you as much or as little input as you want

Tax Services

We strive to help you maximize tax-efficiency while providing tax preparation and management that is accurate and compliant with IRS and state regulations.

Financial Services

Our goal is to develop comprehensive financial strategies that may suit your unique needs and determine appropriate ways to minimize taxes

Value Added

The value proposition of what we or any business does should be constantly tested, validated, and adjusted accordingly. These adjustments are across the spectrum of cost, service, value, and benefit. A lot of this “Value Added” has a lot to do with the individual or entity client profile. In an increasingly automated world with virtually unlimited information online it is important that we can still be relevant and exceed the costs. 

Please see our 2018 BETA pages on how pricing works and to see if we are a good fit for you.

What Our Clients Say

Great stock option advice. I can’t believe how much tax I need to pay on stock options. It is really not fair – when I am taxed already on my salary, which barely pays for my Dolores park area apartment. I tried driving Uber to meet people, but Gillingham CPA advised against this. Bi Rite is just OK – just saying. But no, really, Problem Library, 15th and Irving (I know seems unrelated) is great for my Vinyl Collection (along with Western Relics) (Also a tangent, haha). I play records on this great system, costs, about, 2k, just saying. Um. Ya. Gillingham CPA is the best equity compensation firm I can think of. Although, to be honest, last year I used turbo tax. Looking forward to many years to come.

Grayson S.

San Francisco, CA

John is someone who builds trust very quickly, which is vital as you’re entrusting your sensitive financials with him.He’s also a really chill, cool dude, which is refreshing to see in the accounting profession.He helped me with my personal and business taxes swiftly and efficiently this first year (2017). Everybody, especially e commerce entrepreneurs, should work with John.

Chris K.

Sunnyvale, CA

I know Gillingham CPA does a lot of stock option related work for his San Francisco clients (one recommended me to him) but I am actually more on the small business side of things with a rental. I am impressed by how John carefully explains the process and starts planning before the end of the year! I appreciate his collaborative approach, so you trust the work provided and know you are getting the best rates.I’m not rich, (yet) but I know with the help from Gillingham I am doing everything I can to get there.Initially, I wanted someone local (LA) but quickly realized it is fine to get this all handled remotely. Highly recommended.

Kyle F.

Malibu, CA



Educational Approach

#1 App in Accounting, in Collaboration with Accounting Play, Premium Courses Available

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We look forward to seeing what we can do for you. Please email me directly to John@GillinghamCPA.com or you can fill and submit form below

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