We specialize in the areas of small business, seed stage startups, and equity compensated (tech) employees.

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About Us

Gillingham CPA is an accounting and tax firm with roots in San Francisco, California. Our team has a passion for helping clients grow their small businesses and navigating the tax waters. We specialize in consulting, boot-strapped startups, pre-series A ventures, and stock option compensated employees. We take pride in providing services that go beyond just a tax return.

For more details, see our Hierarchy of Client Needs on our Value Added Page. Also the founder of, ranked iOS App USA #1 in the keyword Accounting (Flashcards). We take our educational approach seriously.


John Gillingham has (too many) years of financial services experience, seven of which with CPA firms specializing in small business, equity comp, tax, accounting, and even audit. Prior clients with those firms include multi-national manufacturing entities, high-high net (financial) worth individuals, and trust work. With Gillingham CPA, John has pivoted to focus on early stage startups and owners needing in-depth tax advisory, and practical consulting.

A true advisor goes beyond a tax return. We aim to navigate you through business and sometimes life decisions.

Accounting Services

We believe in a collaborative, dare we say, educational approach that utilizes your decision making and technology. Allow us to show you what it means to Know Your Numbers.

Tax Services

We prepare a lot of tax returns, but more importantly we aim to work you up the Hierarchy of Client Needs so that we are on a planning and advisory level.


We see numbers, but also a larger picture of living, breathing humans, some of which have stock options. We are humbled when charged with advising clients on major life decisions.

Value Added

In an increasingly automated world, it’s important for us to constantly assess and adjust our workflow to maximize the value we can provide. In addition to providing answers, perspective, and solutions – we are also there for you when it’s time to make tough decisions. We answer all emails and address all questions. With Gillingham CPA, you’ll have an experienced advisor that uses your financial data to assist in communicating to your real-life or robotic team of advisors.
Value Added


Tiers of Service

We offer different levels of service depending on our client requirements. It is possible for the tiered scope and billing to change as needed.


Starting at $1,500

Prep & Compliance


Starting at $2,000

Prep, Compliance, Projection, Advisory



Prep, Compliance, Projection, Full Advisory

What Our Clients Say

I found Gillingham via the Accounting Play Podcast of all places and I could not be more satisfied that I did. They took the time to show me the Quickbooks Online ropes and optimize my tax situation. They have been instrumental with my side-hustle ambitions, as well as my day job which has some stock option complication.

Our Clients

Grayson S.

San Francisco, CA

John is someone who builds trust very quickly, which is vital as you’re entrusting your sensitive financials with him.He’s also a really chill, cool dude, which is refreshing to see in the accounting profession.He helped me with my personal and business taxes swiftly and efficiently this first year (2017). Everybody, especially e commerce entrepreneurs, should work with John.

Our Clients

Chris K.

Sunnyvale, CA

I know Gillingham CPA does a lot of stock option related work for his San Francisco clients (one recommended me to him) but I am actually more on the small business side of things with a rental. I am impressed by how John carefully explains the process and starts planning before the end of the year! I appreciate his collaborative approach, so you trust the work provided and know you are getting the best rates.I’m not rich, (yet) but I know with the help from Gillingham I am doing everything I can to get there.Initially, I wanted someone local (LA) but quickly realized it is fine to get this all handled remotely. Highly recommended.

Our Clients

Kyle F.

Malibu, CA

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