Our fully remote team works to navigate clients through tax, planning, advisory, business, and bookkeeping challenges. Our mission here is: Value Added

Gillingham CPA is a San Francisco CPA with a passion for helping clients grow their small businesses and navigate the tax waters. The firm specializes in consultants, boot-strapped startups, pre-series A ventures, and stock option compensated employees. John prides himself in providing services that go beyond just a tax return.

We perform tax, accounting, and advisory services with value added impact. Our focus is small business, seed state startups, and equity comp employees mostly in the Bay Area.



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Recruitment Process


Apply to an open job position

Fill the form out and submit your CV or resume through our online portal if you meet our requirements


Phone screening

After looking at your submission and CV you will be invited to a telephone interview at a time of our choosing


Follow-up interview

If we determine that your qualifications are a good fit for the role after the phone screening, you will be invited to interview with the CEO and an HR team member.


Final interview

The final interview will be with the CEO as well as the firm’s other team members

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there set hours I need to be working during the day?

Yes. Standard hours are 8 hours a day, in the timeframe: 8 to 5 PST.

Can I work from anywhere?

No. The work must be performed in the USA on a secure dedicated internet connection. You must have a private (home ok) office to conduct phone calls.

What are some perks of the job?

Work with a nice team making daily impact for clients and on the business. The job is fully remote and general flexibility increases with time. Expect a grand total of 4 to 5 paid weeks off with holidays, bonus days, flex time accrual, and sick time if needed. Come in, do a great job, and then leave work behind. We respect our time off and try to avoid working more than 8 hours a day.

Are any skills tests or background checks required?

Generally we will perform a soft-skills test (no right or wrong answer), a knowledge-based test, and a standard background check. The knowledge-based test is mostly to gauge very basic levels of aptitude to understand where we need to direct training efforts early.

Is promotion possible?


What if I am missing some relevant skills?

Traits such as being highly detail oriented and ok with working in a variety of tasks is crucial. For example in the same day you could be onboarding a client, preparing a draft proposal, and running KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for the month-end scorecards all in the same day. Some background with Excel and exposure to tax and or accounting is therefore very important. The actual granular tasks such as doing billing, organizing files, and running the reports can all be taught. No one candidate will have perfect skills across all the required areas.

Is there a trial or test period? About how long?

Yes. We have a one month trial period.

Is a cover letter required?

No, but it could help. If you could simply jot a quick email explaining a bit about what you are looking to accomplish in a new position, it would be great. There are no perfect answers. It is ok if you simply want to have a great work-life balance and do great when on the clock. It is also ok if you want to work up to a promotion and are interested in studying on your own time.