Is it safe to pay your taxes online?

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Is it safe to pay your taxes online?

What are common mistakes individuals make when filing their taxes?

What are common mistakes small businesses make when filing their taxes?

Paying your taxes online is the go-to these days, a couple recommendations are to use the official portals. That would be the IRS official corals, there’s two of them. One that creates an account, some of this information can be dated quick, but one that’s EFTPS(The Electronics Federal Tax Payment System), the other one is sort of like a direct pay type of system or you can do one time bank routing numbers in the payment processes. states have a similar system and some states are actually requiring payments once you hit certain income threshold, certain business payments are actually required.

Sometimes making the payment the day of is not a great idea on my experience and systems, occasion can get overloaded or people are stressed and mistakes can get made. So, doing things a little bit before, the deadline is going to alleviate some of that stress, there are third-party payment processors that are on the IRS recommended website, options to pay with credit card, debit card, things of this nature but those are ultimately going through a third party and some way. So what prevents one of those companies from taking money one day and running? I don’t know, so I don’t recommend those things but I have had clients have some success in the past, so I think everything is really going to online and a lot of its being acquired these days.

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