The value proposition of what we or any business does should be constantly tested, validated, and adjusted accordingly. These adjustments are across the spectrum of cost, service, value, and benefit. A lot of this “Value Added” has a lot to do with the individual or entity client profile. In an increasingly automated world with virtually unlimited information online it is important that we can still be relevant and exceed the costs.

It is also worthy of mention that, outside of some “classic-creatives” and small businesses, that a certain segment of my clients given enough time could scrap together a mostly accurate tax return as they are for lack of better words, are computer and sometimes financial engineers. In these cases we offer more of a net time saving service and benefit of financial communication for married couples. At times we can encourage more tax efficient savings and investment practices. In an increasingly automated world we are still happy to serve such clients. Generally speaking, however, we can add the most dollar for dollar value in terms of business / significant equity holders where decisions constantly must be made and complexity is a constant.

Where can we add value?

-Compliance (task is arduous)
-Equity comp, small business, multi-entity, multi-state
-More than one stakeholder
-High dollar value where mistakes are costly
-Penalty avoidance
-Many variables such as when married, many properties, rentals, investments, trust beneficiary, flow-through entity owner

Tax advisory
-Tax efficiency in the realm of deductions, savings, business, options exercises, structure

Cash flow planning
-Calculating amounts due and when to pay

Savings and financing
-Where to save and how to efficiently sell

-Accurate and relevant books
-Cost efficient

-Answering all questions
-Proactively explaining
-Use of technology and outside resources

-We see a lot and want to collaborate

Here are some steps we generally follow in our intake process which when taken in order is what we have found to be the most mutually time efficient.

Step 1 – Is there a need?

There should be a compelling need which generally involves the following variables:

-Complexity makes it not worthwhile for a client to gain the necessary skills in accounting and tax law
-Client time / energy is more valuable than our fees
-Dollar values are high and possibly variable
-Decisions need to be made

Step 2 – Would you be better served elsewhere?

We do not work with most people or businesses and it is important to be sure that someone is not best served elsewhere

-Generally the following situations are best served elsewhere: easy returns, one-off situations, budget prep, rapid prep
-Tax prep software or lower fee professionals are a viable alternative for many
-We are seeking a “Goldly-Lox” fit (story of the Three Bears where you do not want the extremes, but rather, an ideal fit) where we can add significant value
-We are not “Fast” and require generally that our clients are engaged in the process

Step 3 – “Goldy-Lox” (ideal) fit?

-Equity comp not exceeding 2 Mil a year
-Small businesses (solo-entrepreneurs), boot-strapped / early stage startups (pre-Series A)
-General annual fee target in the $1K to $3K range (outliers do exist)
-Individuals with several more complex income streams (side-hustle businesses, rentals, multi-state, significant investment activity, flow-through owners or beneficiaries)
-Not generally fee or time sensitive

Step 4 – It is a fit – so how are we different and what can we do for you?

Educational approach – we explain
Collaborative – we work together
Forward thinking – we plan
Advisory – we take action
Communicate – we answer
Quality – we do not rush
Tools – we empower
Experience – we have been here before
Perspective – we give

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