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Our Commitment

We take the phrase “client engagement” seriously. Rather than rush to sign every new client we interact with, we prefer to really consider if and how we can offer value first. Only once we both conclude that the relationship will be mutually beneficial do we move forward

What We Consider


  • Entrepreneur, business owner, equity compensation employee
  • Need-based, not fixed fee

Delivery dates

  • Extension very likely
  • High quality, thorough, internal notes

Communication & work-flow

  • Paperless
  • Virtual communication is more cost-effective, but can do in-person if necessary

Value added

  • Educational approach: we explain
  • Collaborative: we work together
  • Forward thinking: we plan
  • Advisory: we take action
  • Communicate: we answer
  • Quality: we do not rush
  • Tools: we empower
  • Experience: we have been here before
  • Perspective: we illuminate

Fit & Value Proposition

In an increasingly automated world, it’s important for us to constantly assess and adjust the value we provide. In addition to answering your questions and treating your unique tax profile with care, we’ll also be there for you when it’s time to make the tough decisions: “Should I exercise my options this year or next year?” “Should I defer the cost of new equipment or incur it now?” These issues aren’t black and white and the answers may be different from client to client. 

With Gillingham CPA, you’ll have an experienced advisor to help you understand the long-term impact of your short-term choices and help you plan for a prolific and profitable future

Value Added

Where can we add value?

  • Compliance (task is arduous)
  • Equity comp, small business, multi-entity, multi-state
  • More than one stakeholder
  • High dollar value where mistakes are costly
  • Penalty avoidance
  • Complexities like marital status, multiple properties owned, trust beneficiary, flow-through entity owner, etc
  • Decoding the world of tax forms, attributes, & Rules (think AMT, ISO, NQS, P&L, BS and much more)

Tax advisory

Tax efficiency of deductions, savings, options exercises, and more

Cash flow planning

Calculating amounts due and when to pay

Savings and financing

Where to save and how to efficiently sell


Accurate and relevant books using a collaborative approach


Answering questions, proactively explaining, leveraging technology


We see a lot and want to collaborate

Intake Process

Here is how we evaluate prospective clients

Step 1 – Is there a need?

There should be a compelling need involving the following variables:

  • Complexity requiring expert understanding of accounting and tax law
  • Client time more valuable than our fee
  • High dollar values with variability

Step 2 – Would you be better served elsewhere?

Is there an alternate solution that will provide better value for you?

  • We've found these situations are generally best-served elsewhere: easy returns, one-off solutions, budget or rapid prep
  • Is tax prep software or a lower-fee professional a viable alternative?
  • We're looking for a "Goldilocks" fit so that our time and knowledged is best leveraged
  • We are not "fast" and typically require a lot of client engagements to get to the finish line

Step 3 – Is it a “Goldilocks” fit?

  • Equity comp not exceeding $2M per year
  • Small businesses or solo entrepreneurs, bootstrapped/early-stage startups (pre-Series A)
  • General annual fee target in the $1K-$3K range, though outliers exist
  • Individuals with multiple complex income streams (side hustle businesses, rentals, multi-state filing, significant investment activity, flow-through owners or beneficiaries)
  • Not generally fee or time-sensitive

Step 4 – Final Decision

By this point in the process we can see if it is a fit and layout a general plan

Contact Us

We look forward to working with you. Please email me directly at John at GillinghamCPA dot com or preferably, fill out the contact form below, and check our cost page to find out about our firm pricing

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