John Gillingham is a San Francisco CPA who focuses on small businesses and highly compensated employees, primarily in the tech space. He also enjoys writing about himself in the third person. John prides himself in providing services that go beyond just a tax return (see Gillingham’s Hierarchy of Client Needs). Please find me on Yelp and Linkedin if you would like.

Please contact me via email:           John          At          GillinghamCPA          dot          com

John Gillingham CPA

Prior experience

Gillingham has ten years of financial services experience, seven of which have been with CPA firms specializing in tax, accounting, and general consultancy. Prior clients while working with other firms include audit of a multi-national manufacturing entity, high-high net worth tax for individuals, and trust work. The focus has turned to San Francisco startups and owners that need deep tax and practical consulting. High-net worth tax experience is utilized as individuals and companies grow.

Other ventures

John Gillingham is a published author and creator of iOS accounting education mobile applications. As an accounting professional and creator of several minimally viable products, he is in a unique position to service entrepreneurial clients.

Learn Accounting:

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“John Gillingham, San Francisco Surfer CPA” enjoys the outdoors, working remotely, and occasionally stepping outside the boundaries of WiFi. Startup, new business culture, and positive capitalism pumps through his veins every day. He is internally grateful for the amazing clients and opportunities that this area provides.

Please contact me via email:           John          At          GillinghamCPA          dot          com

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