Onboarding PDF Requests and Access

  • Ensure retainer paid, engagement signed, access to folders, budget & scope I estimate provided
  • Prior 2 years of filed tax returns and W-2s if easily accessible
  • Ensure tax returns contain depreciation schedules for any rental real estate
  • Purchase documents (HUD-1) for any property held or sold
  • All current year to date pay stubs
  • Do not use special non-PC characters in document titles such as / \ : * ? ” < > | (E*Trade) as these documents won’t appear for us

Onboarding Questions and Documentation

  • Basic client info & IRA profile filled out
  • Grand total current year compensation estimate:
  • Grand total current year compensation estimate breakdown
  • Regular:
  • Bonus:
  • Stock:
  • Current W-4 and withholding information:

Projection Estimates (June 1) mid-year or year-end (November 10)

  • Ensure standard payroll items are up to date (pay stubs and any W-4 withholding info)
  • Items left blank we can use an estimate based on the prior year

Wage estimates for the entire year:

  • Grand total compensation
  • Regular / Bonus / Stock compensation breakdown

Estimates for the entire year:

  • Grand total household income:
  • Interest income:
  • Ordinary / qualified dividend estimate:
  • Short-term capital gains estimate:
  • Long-term capital gains estimate:
  • Other income:
  • Life changes or events:

Projection Extension (April 1)

  • Ensure standard tax documents for the year have been provided (W-2, 1099s, 1098s, etc…), questions answered, templates filled-out
  • Estimate any information for items not yet final such as awaiting K-1s or other income items
  • Indicate any big changes in the current Q1 and expected Q2 that may generate taxes such as stock sales

List of Standard Tax Docs, Supplemental Info, and Questions

  • Family info, social, DOB (excel file to fill out)
  • Wage related: W-2s, all pay stubs, withholding info
  • Standard investments: 1099s for brokerage accounts, interest, dividends, stock sales, supplemental statements (Especially with E-Trade),
  • Investment partnerships: K-1s issued from LLCs and S-Corps
  • Rental real estate: Excel file, Hud-1 purchase documents
  • Asset sales: Sales document (Hud-1), sometimes 1099-S, out of pocket costs such as staging
  • Healthcare: Form 1095 for coverage info, Health Savings Account (HSA) info Form 8889, any FSA (Flex Spending Accounts) info

Additional Information

-Any IRA contributions made or want to make?

-Any significant cash or non-cash charity not provided?

(Typically, without a mortgage you would need at least $2,000 of contributions)

Catch-Alls for Comment

(Answer, yes, no, N/A, comment)

-All stock option income reported / exercise and hold Incentive Stock Option (ISO) forms 3921s provided. 

-All forms provided for healthcare coverage and any Health Savings Account (HSA) distributions.

-No cryptocurrencies received, bought, sold, exchanged, or acquired not already discussed.

-No solar improvements. 

-No new Tesla, rechargeable vehicle, or solar improvements.

-No 83B election(s) that need be attached to your return or to discuss.  

-No foreign bank accounts, trusts, income, or assets to disclose.

-No out of state purchase(s) (like a Rolex or business supplies) that you owe CA use tax on.