Needs List:
Standard Individual

Onboarding PDF Requests and Access

Ensure retainer paid, engagement signed, access to folders, budget & scope I estimate provided

Prior 2 years of filed tax returns and W-2s if easily accessible

Ensure tax returns contain depreciation schedules for any rental real estate

Purchase documents (HUD-1) for any property held or sold

All current year to date pay stubs

Do not use special non-PC characters in document titles such as / \ : * ? ” < > | (E*Trade) as these documents won’t appear for us

Onboarding Questions and Documentation

Basic client info & IRA profile filled out

Grand total current year compensation estimate:

Grand total current year compensation estimate breakdown

  • Regular:
  • Bonus:
  • Stock:

Current W-4 and withholding information:

Projection Estimates (June 1) mid-year or year-end (November 10)

Ensure standard payroll items are up to date (pay stubs and any W-4 withholding info)

Items left blank we can use an estimate based on the prior year

Wage estimates for the entire year:

Estimates for the entire year:

Projection Extension (April 1)

Ensure standard tax documents for the year have been provided (W-2, 1099s, 1098s, etc…), questions answered, templates filled-out

Estimate any information for items not yet final such as awaiting K-1s or other income items

Indicate any big changes in the current Q1 and expected Q2 that may generate taxes such as stock sales

List of Standard Tax Docs, Supplemental Info, and Questions

Family info, social, DOB (excel file to fill out)

Wage related: W-2s, all pay stubs, withholding info

Standard investments: 1099s for brokerage accounts, interest, dividends, stock sales, supplemental statements (Especially with E-Trade),

Investment partnerships: K-1s issued from LLCs and S-Corps

Rental real estate: Excel file, Hud-1 purchase documents

Asset sales: Sales document (Hud-1), sometimes 1099-S, out of pocket costs such as staging

Healthcare: Form 1095 for coverage info, Health Savings Account (HSA) info Form 8889, any FSA (Flex Spending Accounts) info

Additional Information

Any IRA contributions made or want to make?

Any significant cash or non-cash charity not provided?

(Typically, without a mortgage you would need at least $2,000 of contributions)

Catch-all Points For Comment

Please fill out the 2023 Catch-all points for comment form, please let us know if N/A or which apply as these are key to finalizing the return.