Milestone Achieved

I may not be turning fifty, but Gillingham CPA is now celebrating fifty clients! This is an important milestone in my personal life and the firm. Thank you for being an integral part of the journey and I look forward to many years to come. My best client relationships often come from referrals, so I welcome any that you may have.

Client Synergies

I am continually looking to add more small business consulting clients and equity compensated employees, general involved in “Bay Area Tech.” Along the way I have had the opportunity to make introductions and help us grow as business owners and individuals. I welcome new interesting, entrepreneurial, and significant client relationships.

Testimonials & Featured Businesses on

Please checkout the “Beta” version of featured clients and submit your preferred business logo and link if you have not done so already. I will be working on dolling out 5 star Yelp reviews today to the local businesses have exceeded my expectations this year. I invite you to do the same Here.

November is Tax Planning Month – Are you “Good” or “Bad”?

“Good” clients are setting up tax planning appointments “Bad” clients have not provided me with enough info to complete 2014 taxes for Oct 15. I actually quite like everyone, but for the few extension filers left, get back to me. November is tax planning month, so please email me so we can at least have a check-in. As always we are trying to plan ahead and take advantage of everything possible prior to the year end.

Let us not forget to Ask in our business and professional life

Inspired by a recent podcast featuring the book “Ask: The Counterintuitive Online Formula” (I didn’t actually read it), I welcome any of your feedback using these strategically formed question that perhaps you can also get use out of. Please note the “Do you hate me” question is not a serious one, but could have important implications for some kind of specific feedback.

Which of the following best describes your single biggest challenge right now?

What are we missing?

What did we not do a good job of explaining?

What questions did we not do a good job of answering?”

Do you hate me?

Where should we go now?

What accounting resources have you been looking for? Why?

What has been helping you?

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