Entity Selection for Small Business with Bend Law Group, series I of III – With Doug Bend

I’m excited to bring you Part I of our three-part podcast series with the Bend Law Group covering the legal considerations for small businesses and their tax implications. These podcasts will be great resources for entrepreneurs as well as business students, because there’s a good chance you won’t get to learn this stuff in school.

For the first episode, I was joined by Doug Bend to talk about business entity structures and tax implications. Doug’s specialty is entity formation, helping business owners figure out what type of legal structure makes the most sense for their business. Can you hack it as a sole proprietorship, or will you need an LLC? Are you big enough to be a C Corporation, profitable enough to be an S Corporation, or socially responsible enough to be a B Corporation? If you don’t have answers to those questions yet, this episode is going to help.

Listen and Get Show Notes: AccountingPlay.com | iTunes Podcast

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