IP Protection for Small Business with Bend Law Group, series II of III – With Tucker Cottingham

Welcome to Part II of our three-part podcast series with the Bend Law Group covering the legal considerations for small businesses and their tax implications.

For the second episode, I was joined by Tucker Cottingham to talk about intellectual property and brand protection for small businesses, from the small shop to big start-up dreams. Intellectual property is what gets Tucker up in the morning… and what keeps him up at night. In this episode, Tucker teaches us that intellectual property is property law. You have a right to protect your property and “police your mark.” As Tucker says, “If you cut corners now, you’ll pay the price later.”

This may not sound like accounting stuff, but that’s exactly why we need to know it. Want to learn how to protect your brand and represent your work to the world?

Listen and Get Show Notes: AccountingPlay.com | iTunes Podcast

If you haven’t heard it yet, check out Part I with Doug Bend about business entity structures and tax implications. Stay tuned for Part III, the last episode in the series, about seeking funding.

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