Financing for Startups with Bend Law Group, series III of III – With Alex King

We’ve reached the conclusion of our three-part series with the Bend Law Group. This time I was joined by Alex King to talk about small business financing from Idea to Unicorn (a billion dollar company).

Alex’s ideal client at Bend Law is a small business owner or entrepreneur who is looking to evolve and grow. They might have 50 employees and a couple owners already, they might have a small start-up, but the key quality is that they’re looking to plan for the future. Whether it’s a start-up looking for 10X growth or a small business that’s happy with steady progress, raising money from great investors is how you get there, and this episode will teach you how it works.

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If you haven’t heard the previous episodes in this series yet, check out Part I with Doug Bend about business entity structures and tax implications, and Part II with Tucker Cottingham about intellectual property and brand protection for small businesses.

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