Long live the San Francisco Creators

Long live the creators. As a San Francisco CPA, I really enjoy how 100% of my clients are creatives, business owners, and equity holders. Many are all three. I particularly enjoy seeing projects from vision to completion and being a small part of the success, at least on the financial back end. I am proud to live in an area where we are producers, employers, and doers. And while, believe it or not, startups are not always the most lucrative, they can be the most exciting. Whether Kickstarter or Indiegogo or other self-funded, I am here for you. These are not the TechCrunch startups, but rather bootstrapped or rather, credit-card strapped. I love working with those who gave up the easy life to passionately pursue what others view as crazy. My hat is off to you all. Thank you for allowing me to assist you through the years.

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