See below for some templates.

Download free IRS penalty abatement letter template here (Disclaimer: For educational purposes only. Seek professional attorney or Certified Public Accountant. No guarantees provided. Use at your own risk)

Federal abatement letter template, educational purposes only

Feel free to use my Sole Proprietor excel template which will help prepare a draft profit and loss statement and gather other necessary information. There is also a pivot table tab to show you how bank transactions can be easily categorized using pivot tables if you have excel experience. If you can download your transaction information to excel and code for business revenue, expense, or transaction type, I can do the rest. Hope this helps. This material is educational in nature so consult your CPA or Attorney.

Business Template Income and Expenses, Excel, DRAFT

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Please see the following to help organize your rental expenses:
Multiple Properties

Here you can find an excel download to fill-out and email back which will capture your actual vehicle expense. Actual expense can be a great option to consider for over 50% business vehicles – especially if super heavy SUV / Sprinter van type vehicles which can produce more than average depreciation deductions (we can discuss).
Most clients use standard vehicle expense which is very generally around “50 cents per business mile.” (Actual per mile can vary each tax year). In this case we just need to know the vehicle name, total miles driven in the entire year, and then the business miles (not including any commute). Economy / fuel efficient cars make this a great choice – such as a Prius or Kia.


If you are using more than one vehicle
click here.


Please see here for the 2017 taxes paid template. This is a huge help when preparing your return. Please also update your file for any confirms and (bonus points) reference this document in the excel file. Thanks!


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